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How about allowing a cell tower on your land?

Linda/ October 30, 2018/ Cell Tower/

Without a doubt cell phones are just about everywhere whether it is a metropolitan city, a town or even a small village. Do you know the way a cell tower can work for you? Thanks to the rollout of 5G networks that have taken on an incredible contribution. So, if you are wondering how much rent can you get for your land to allow it for a cell tower, you are advised to visit

It is a great opportunity for the landowner to lease it to a cell tower company and get a handsome amount of money on a regular basis; the best part is that there is no need to invest in construction. What you need to do is to lease a specific piece of land. Putting the idea into action is not very easy without getting an expert advice despite the fact that you are a landlord and the cell phone company wishes to lease your land for the installation of their cell tower.

Negotiations with a wireless carrier to get the maximum rent you deserve need to have a lot of professional experience that an ordinary person doesn’t usually have. You need to get a team of advisers who can negotiate with the wireless carrier so you can get the best rent from your immovable property.

Before finalizing the agreement with the cell carrier, you need to know the average lease rates, the correct rental price as per location, and more. Lease rates may be different by a lot of dollars on a monthly basis! As a matter of fact, more and more people in America make use of cell phones as their basic communicating source.

An enhanced need for expanding cell service in view of 5G networks has contributed to raising a lot of talk about tower cells lease across the country.

Showcase Your House Best Features With Home Staging

Linda/ October 26, 2018/ Real State/

If you intend to sell your house or property, you should always keep it in mind that home staging services would certainly have a vital role to play. This is because of the fact that these services help a lot in attracting a large number of sellers along with fetching an excellent price for the home which otherwise would not have been possible.

However, at this point, you should always keep a few essential things in mind so that the entire process is carried out in a smooth way. For this purpose, you can go for a staging consultation in Toronto for additional help in this situation. (more…)