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Get a free pre-paid debit card for kids within 7 working days!

Linda/ March 3, 2018/ Banking/

Go Henry is pre-paid debit card specially designed for kids to shop online. It will give parents a complete parental control so it is safe to use for the kids between the ages 6 to 18. Go Henry Visa Card is not for adults but for kids for the minor transaction to make them aware of payment dealings online. You don’t have to pay even a single penny the card is for free from first to last.

If you are already using the card, then you have already probably known so many things before but if you are someone who has just heard about it right now, then it is super easy to sign up. Although the service can also be used by an adult it will be less beneficial for them than their expectations.

Kids mostly use it with parental control by their parents. Being a parent, you can set up some limitations you think your child should not access to. The idea of the product is not very complex and any child can easily learn the process from the start to the finish without a hassle.

However, it is advisable for the parents to manage some time to teach them the basics in order to avoid blocking any useful features. Still, if you are not sure how to get started, this site will assist you and give the actual picture of the entire plan. For parents, the app offers a simple way to pay pocket money as well.

You don’t need to read a comprehensive guide, just buy the card and activate it and you will be able to get the job in no time. Once you have subscribed to the Henry, you don’t have to wait for ages. It will reach at your doorstep within one working week maximally.