Dental Crowns Maintenance Tips – What You Need to Know

Linda/ January 22, 2019/ Dentist/

When a significant cavity threatens the structural integrity of a tooth; dental crowns or capping are put in place to protect the affected tooth.

You need to pick a dentist such as Lior Tamir dentist so that the procedure is done right. However, this is not the extent of dental care and such crowns need careful maintenance and cleaning.

Read further for insightful tips on dental capping maintenance and care.

Brush Twice Daily

Treat crowned teeth just like you would treat normal teeth. It is essential to brush twice daily to prevent plaque buildup and appearance of cavities. Damage to your teeth will also damage crowning; so it’s best to continue with regular oral hygiene practices to make sure your teeth are clean all the time.

Floss Regularly

As usual; regular flossing is recommended for those with dental crowns. Flossing removes food residue from between teeth which can have a corrosive effect on dental capping. Flossing can help you get rid of the food and prevent from any further cavities in your teeth.

Prevent Dislodging Crowns

Dental capping is prone to dislodging when teeth are used as tools for cracking nuts or opening bottles. It’s best to avoid such practices to preserve the integrity of dental crowding.

It is quite evident that maintaining dental crowns is similar to maintaining normal teeth. Brushing, flossing and preventing undue stress on the crowns are the best way to protect dental capping. Do all of the above and you can largely prevent yet another visit to your local dentist.