Regular Dental Care Importance And Its Female Overall Health Perspective

Linda/ February 22, 2018/ Health/

All adults have same number of teeth that require regular brushing and flossing for maintenance. If this is so, how can a women’s oral health have different requirements than a man. Gum disease which is caused by bacterial infection is found capable enough to enter the bloodstream, thereby causing various health diseases.

Health problems that have been linked to gum diseases

As mentioned above, bacterial gum infection entering the blood stream can cause:

  • Increased risk of fatal heart diseases
  • Increased risk of stroke
  • Diabetes in healthy individuals.
  • Difficulty in sugar management in already diabetic patients
  • Bacterial pneumonia
  • Difficult pregnancy outcomes including early labor and babies born with low birth weight.

Female reproductive stages and their correlation with oral care needs

Many female dentist San Clemente services, a city in the Orange County of California offers oral care for women with specialized needs according to their reproductive stage.

Changes in hormones are a part of female cycle and happen throughout their lives. There is a huge change especially observed during puberty, monthly cycles and menopause. Pregnancy changes require even more specialized care.

Let us list how the need changes during these phases:

  • Menstruation causes gum bleeding in some to canker sores in other women.
  • Use of oral contraceptives has been linked to swollen gums
  • Pregnancy related gingivitis requires prompt treatment as bacterial toxins can affect the normal course of pregnancy.
  • Menopause is yet another stage where oral cavity gets affected with dry mouth, alteration in taste sensations, swollen gums and general discomfort.

The best way for a woman to maintain her oral and overall health is to follow regular hygiene practices and dental visits.